A downloadable ASM game for Windows

OFFICIAL GAME WEBSITE: https://theasmgame.weebly.com/

Current available build:


(Trailer COMING SOON!)

What is a microdemo? It is a series of snippets of ASM levels. The first has been released, and is available right now to play. Each microdemo update includes 1 featured level.

The Adventures of Super Mike is a game that I have been working on for almost a year and a half. It will feature 120 beautifully designed levels, lots of power-ups, and special abilities. Many minigames, and an epic story mode.

NOTE: The Adventures of Super Mike is shortened to ASM. ASM is short for the Adventures of Super Mike. Just to quickly reference the game.

FEATURES 120 beautifully designed levels (Currently 3 complete, I've spent most of the time developing features in ASM) 10+ power-ups (4 complete) Tons of enemies, (Unknown amount) HELP NEEDED! I need you're guy's imaginations to come up with brand new enemy ideas! Tons of mechanics, and an unusual gameplay experience. One of the most amazing games you've ever played

Overview: Meet Mike. An ordinary guy looking for adventure, and a new life. Little does he know, that he's about to be launched into an adventure bigger than he ever would have imagined. Storyline A group of people want to move out into new, unexplored lands. They find a land of which is inhabited by evil villains. Not knowing that these dastardly villains own the land of which they want to settle in, they begin starting a new life in this land. At first, these evil enemies don't really care that they are invading their land. Until...They found out...What they possess. They possess power beyond measure. Power to defeat the enemies. The BVC's. (Bible Verse Cards.) The Bible Verse Cards have power, over anything! The enemies decide to take action. Else, their miserable existence will cease. On the very day that they dedicate their new town, the villains attack. Taking away the BVC's. And taking them high into the air, and scattering them. Mike, is one of them. A skeptic of sorts. He doesn't believe what the townspeople believe. Though he doesn't care for the BVC's, he decides to take action against the dastardly villains. Running across a special cap, with special powers, he attempts to stop them. Then, seeing that he is a huge problem for them, blast him off to a far, far away forest. While there, he meets new friends, and some old ones, and tries to figure out what is so special about the BVC's. While learning along the way, that they do have power. Little does Mike know, that there will be lots of future adventures of which he isn't sure he will be able to face on his own. Facing dangerous mountains, going across hot deserts, through a remote island, an electrified city, and even...Outer Space.

Please follow this game page! More screenshots, videos, and GIF's will be come often! For more information, visit this website to view more frequent updates.  Click here to access the website.

Q: What is the website?

A: The Adventures of Super Mike is made with a program I suggest you check out called Platform Builder. We post updates quite frequently on the forums for Platform Builder. Check out Platform Builder, a no-coding-required simple and powerful game maker by clicking here.

Credits for the game, 

Developed by CGM_games and TingThing Productions

Lead programmer: TingThing and CGM (Christian Game Maker)
Concept Art: CGM (Christian Game Maker)

Level Design: Christian Game Maker and Gizgord

Spriters: CGM (Christian Game Maker)

 Platform Builder support: TingThing

Debuggers: TingThing CGM (Christian Game Maker)

Support: Alley, (Team Alju5) Antikore Games, Gizgord, LyndsWins, McPopato, setapdede.

Music Composed by, CGM_games (Christian Game Maker) and Kevin Macleod

A big thanks to everyone who has participated in ASM!


Microdemo #1 - The Adventures of Super Mike 1.0.2.zip 78 MB